While specially tested smoke and thermal alarms can be integrated into alarm systems in the private and small commercial sector, special guidelines and standards apply to fire protection and the fire alarm systems and fire alarms used here in the commercial and industrial sectors and public facilities.

The fire alarm systems for the commercial and industrial sector detect the various fire parameters such as smoke, heat, CO2 at an early stage and then set off a fire alarm as soon as possible.

The systems are individually planned and set up. All components are optimally matched to each other and seamlessly combine to form a variable and reliable fire alarm system with a high level of detection reliability.

We offer the highest quality in order to meet the high requirements for reliable early fire detection, our fire alarm systems undergo numerous tests with different testing and measuring methods for quality assurance. Because security is a matter of trust – you can rely on intelligent electronics.

A fire alarm system can only be effective if it is properly installed and maintained. Therefore, we offer an intervention and maintenance service that guarantees the perfect functionality of your fire alarm system. Regular training courses are attended so that our specialist company can always do its work professionally.

Fire protection for private households and companies

You can get a fire alarm system from Intelligent electronics not only for your private household, but also for small and medium-sized companies up to large companies.

Don’t make any compromises, put your trust in Intelligent electronics d.o.o.

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