That may be true, but this consideration ignores the decisive factor: burglars often do not know whether there is much or little to be gained in a building. They usually look for unprotected or poorly secured properties and then break in hoping it will be worthwhile.

The more difficult it is for the intruder to gain access, the more likely he is to look for another, less well protected property. It therefore makes sense to secure an object with mechanical security systems. It is mainly about securing doors and windows, but other weak points such as skylights or light shafts can also be secured.

Security features of burglar-resistant doors

  • Stable door leaf with double fold (door thickness at least 50mm)
  • Door frame anchored to the walls
  • Reinforced and anchored locking plates
  • Door hinge security
  • Registered locking system
  • Multiple locking
  • Security door handle with anti-pulling protection or with anti-pulling cylinder

Security features of burglar-resistant windows

  • Burglar-resistant fittings with mushroom head pins
  • Bolted steel locking plates
  • Lockable handles
  • Anti-drill gears
  • Laminated safety glass (LSG) with built-in safety films
  • New windows of resistance class RC 3 according to EN 1627-1630

Security features of burglary-resistant grating security systems

  • No securing with chains
  • Solid grating protection e.g. in the form of an angle