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Smart Home means the intelligent networking of individual components within a building, which you can control and monitor centrally, for example using your tablet or mobile phone. The actual added value of a smart home lies in the intelligent interaction of the devices. By networking the individual components, your smart home can automatically control regular processes and thus ensure more comfort and security in your building. A building that thinks for itself and makes everyday life easier and can also save energy.

Heat your building consciously and combine your heating with your smart home system, depending on the building and use. According to current studies, save up to 30% of the energy required for heating. This is good for the environment and for your finances.

The windows are open and the air conditioning keeps running – not with a smart home system. The system detects open windows and automatically switches off the air conditioning.

Nobody at home and forgot to turn off the light? The smart home also recognizes such situations and switches the light off automatically.

Other smart home applications:

  • Indoor climate
  • Heating automation / Radiator thermostats
  • Blinds
  • Voice control
  • Pool pump control
  • Light control
  • Rain detection
  • Door/Gate automation
  • Water detector
  • Motion detector
  • Video cameras
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